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Reviews of Attainable Hi-Fi & Home-Theater Equipment

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To Hans Wetzel,

What would be your take on hooking [Dynaudio’s Emit M10 speakers] to either a Yamaha A-S801 integrated amp or an Outlaw Audio RR2160 receiver? Also, [should I use] the Cambridge Audio CXC disc drive with the 32-bit DAC on the Yamaha?

Edward J. Roell
United Kingdom

I think Dynaudio Emit M10s would work well with either the Yamaha receiver or the Outlaw Audio driving them. Both offer more than 100Wpc into 8 ohms, which should be more than enough to drive the Emit M10s loudly and cleanly. As for the CXC, which is a pure CD transport, I think it could work well with the Yamaha via the receiver’s coaxial or TosLink input -- whichever you prefer. It sounds like a sweet little system, Edward. . . . Hans Wetzel