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Reviews of Attainable Hi-Fi & Home-Theater Equipment

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To Hans Wetzel,

I have read your review of [Monitor Audio’s] Bronze 6 loudspeakers and I wonder [if they] are they too big for my listening room. I know that it is not so easy to answer, but, in short, [my room] is 22 square meters. My dilemma is [whether to purchase the] Bronze 5 or Bronze 6.

Best regards,
Sime Lovric

Great question. I did some quick math, and 22 square meters equates to about 236 square feet, or roughly a 15’ x 15’ room. As you seem to suggest, that’s not the biggest of listening rooms around, but you can certainly justify a floorstanding speaker in such a space. The Bronze 5s will certainly be no problem, but I think you can get away with trying the 6es. When I reviewed the Bronze 6es, I had them set up roughly 18” away from my front wall without much of an issue. I did use the included port bungs to seal the rear-facing ports, which decreased ultimate bass output, but still allowed me to enjoy clean, solid bass extension down to 40-45Hz without overloading my room. I suspect that you would also need to use the port bungs for the Bronze 6es to work best in your room. I say spring for the Bronze 6es -- I loved those things. . . . Hans Wetzel