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Two-way or three-way?

July 9, 2007

I have read many reviews of bookshelf speakers. They all seem to be two-way speakers. I spoke to a friend, though, and he said I should get a three-way speaker. A dealer told me that there’s more to it than what my friend says. What do you say?

Ted Reynolds

In this case, I say to listen to your dealer. I also recommend that you read this article. It should help to eliminate your confusion.

Forte amplifier repair

July 6, 2007

I inherited a Forte power amplifier and would like to have it upgraded. I think the capacitors need to be replaced and I would like to get better binding posts installed. I live in Nevada. Do you know of anyone that could do a good, affordable job?


Here is the link to the fellow you’d want to do the repair: His name is Jon Soderberg, and he was an employee of the Threshold Corporation when Nelson Pass was designing the products. Lots of folks send in their Forte/Threshold gear for updating, and he even keeps a stock of some vintage parts that you’d think would be long gone (like faceplates and binding posts). From what I have heard he is also very reasonably priced. He is located in Citrus Heights, CA.

Dual bananas?

July 2, 2007

I have a set of Apature dual banana plugs that don’t seem to fit into the posts of my new amplifier. I was under the impression that this was a standardized thing and that they would fit any equipment. I paid $25 for them and I am a little upset that they won’t fit. Any thoughts?


Join the club! I have run into this problem many times. The bottom line is that some manufacturers adhere to standardized spacing and some don’t. I wish I could offer you some more useful device, but that’s just the way it is.

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